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When can we stop calling SEO SEO?


I prefer to think of SEO as a component of SO, Site Optimisation, because if your site is “good” it will work well for human users and also be well regarded by search engines .



You can't beat a second set of eyes


If the correctness of your words is important to you or your business, have someone you trust read them with the brief “can you please check to see if there are any mistakes?”.



Sometimes it all goes pear shaped


The best words are ones which have a very specific use, so that when they are used correctly there is no better way to articulate that particular thought.



Some hints for writing for the web


Keep in mind that you are having a one-to-one interaction with your reader, even though you don’t know each other and may never meet.



Yearning for better car commercials


Despite the millions of dollars spent on automobile marketing and the megawatts of advertising agency brain power focussed on making car commercials memorable, most of them aren’t.



Last versus past


Many people are unaware of a very common misuse of the word last, where the correct word in that context is past.


The internet is good for language


The world wide web is an environment in which far more people will be introduced to the wonderful world of words.



Sports commentary less than poetic


Some sports commentators seem to think that the preposition which means “in opposition to” is verse, or in some cases that verse is a singular version of some sort of plural term.



Fewer versus less


It seems incredibly easy to check your work every time you write less by asking yourself “can I count them?”.



Including the lot


I often see people give a handful of examples as a short list following the word “including” but unfortunately more often than not the list is actually comprehensive.


"When you're drowning you don't think: 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would notice I'm drowning and come and rescue me'. You just scream."

John Lennon



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