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Yearning for better car commercials

Despite the millions of dollars spent on automobile marketing and the megawatts of advertising agency brain power focussed on making car commercials memorable, most of them aren’t.

But there’s something about one of the lines - delivered with appropriate gravitas - in this one.

The voice-over of this ad claims that this car “yearns to be driven”.

Apart from the small matter of fact that an inanimate object cannot yearn, who says the word “yearn” in everyday conversation?

Now don’t get me wrong, “yearn” is a great word; a wonderful word that any writer worth his or her salt yearns to have the ideal opportunity to use well.

But in the context of a car commercial, it’s just another example of people thinking a more obscure word will sound more impressive and so they are prepared to use it just for the sake of sounding more impressive, regardless of whether it (a) makes sense or (b) tells us anything meaningful.

Even if we set aside the misuse of the word and, just for a moment, take a leap of logic and accept that a car can indeed yearn to be driven, would there be a car created that didn’t?

So even if this were a feasible claim, it wouldn’t be a noteworthy point of difference.

So, on all counts, we’re marking this one a fail.

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