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Sometimes it all goes pear shaped

“Augurs” is quite a useful word as, when coupled with the word “well” - which it so often is – it offers a rather positive, reassuring sentiment.

In my opinion, the best words are ones which have a very specific use, so that when they are used correctly there is no better way to articulate that particular thought.

Admittedly, “augurs” can be readily replaced by “bodes”, but to me “bodes” not only sounds a bit Ye Olde English but is too easily associated with foreboding, giving it a far less positive vibe.

So when something is seen as a good omen or indicator, a promise of better times or results ahead, it’s nice to hear someone say it “augurs well for the future”.

On the other hand, it is far less reassuring when they mistakenly say “it all goes well” instead.


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