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Sports commentary less than poetic

Having spent a good portion of my professional life involved with sports coverage, “versus” is a word I have used more than most people.

In fact it has infiltrated my vocabulary to such an extent that I now use it in many a non-sporting context.

However while I am prepared to admit to possibly overusing the word, at least I know and use the correct word.

Some sports commentators – particularly former players – seem to think that the preposition which means “against”, “in opposition to” or “as compared to” is “verse”, or in some cases that “verse” is a singular version of some sort of plural term.

The Blues will not verse the Reds this weekend … unless they compete in a poetry competition.

Furthermore, “versus” is not a verb, so neither is this imagined “verse” that the ill-informed contrive as its substitute.

As a result, during their contest the Blues will not be versing the Reds, either.


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