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The proliferation of digital media has brought about many changes to the way we live our lives and do business, most of which are positive and valuable.


One area that is open to some debate is whether universal access to communication and publishing tools has been good for the evolution of language.


On the one hand we are exposed to more incorrect, contorted, misguided and even mind-bogglingly stupid use of language.


Conversely, there are more people taking great delight in the challenge of being creative, innovative, imaginative and original in their written communication.


I believe that knowledge is power and so the fact that anyone can read brilliant writing and see examples of words being used smartly in website nomenclature* can only be a good thing.


In addition with so many people writing blogs, in most cases they will improve their own language skills (as human beings tend to get better at anything they do regularly) while at the same time exposing their audience to forms of expression they otherwise may not come across.


So in my opinion the world wide web is an environment which allows far more people to be introduced to – and enjoy – the wonderful world of words.



*the devising or choosing of names for things 

The internet is good for language

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