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Don't let practicality stifle creativity

While clear, succinct and focused copy will always be king, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to involve the court jester in your writing.

Depending on the topic, the medium, and the organisation, product or event being presented, it may be worth incorporating a clever turn of phrase, play on words, alliteration, acronym or anything else that might be both catchy and memorable.

This approach will be most effective if you are trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace, hold the attention of an audience or target clientele you know to be a little more sophisticated and therefore not only better able to relate to a tone that assumes they are smart, but virtually demanding that sort of writing to engage them.

Admittedly this may make it more difficult to connect with a broader audience, but the payoff will be that those who do get it will really like it.

The bottom line is that people enjoy and respond to being entertained as well as informed and appreciate organisations that embrace that sensibility.

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