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There is still room for flexibility

Even though I am passionate about using words in a correct and appropriate way, I also advocate keeping an open mind when writing.

While that might seem contradictory to some, I think it’s important not to lose sight of the idea behind any and all communication: to be understood.

If taking a little licence, so to speak, is likely to lead to clearer comprehension by the reader, I hardly think twice.

One example is that a lot of people resist using any sort of qualifier with a word that, ostensibly, describes an absolute condition (let’s call it the “a little bit pregnant” principle, just for fun).


So can something be more perfect than something else? Surely “perfect” is intended to be an absolute?

Pedantically, yes, perfect is an absolute condition – something either is or it isn’t.

But consider the added meaning when you say “that was the most perfect wedding I have been to”.


So while I like knowing that what I have written is literally correct, I love thinking a little laterally to make my message even more perfect.

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