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Some hints for writing for the web

When writing for the web it is absolutely imperative that your text is easy for a reader to digest (see our section on Clearer Communication).

As many users are time poor, they are more likely to scan your content than to read it in full.

Remember that you are essentially engaging in a one-to-one interaction with your reader, even though you don’t know each other and may never meet.

Here are a few basic things you should keep in mind:

  • Use meaningful headings and sub-headings

  • Lead strongly with your main point in the first paragraph

  • Break up your text into “bite-size” chunks

  • Reduce the use of commas – in fact dashes improve readability

  • Use sentence case throughout (never write entire words in upper case)

  • Use a conversational tone as this is more likely to engage the reader

  • Highlight keywords by “bolding” the text

  • Use bulleted lists where possible

  • Don’t underline text (as users expect underlined text to be a hyperlink)

  • Hyperlinks should be descriptive (rather than “Click here”)

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